3D Scanning

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Overview: 3D Scanning or 3D Imaging is a process where the digital shape an object can measured with non-contact imaging systems. 3D laser scanners collect millions of data points in three dimensional space called a point cloud. This method provides extremely accurate measurements of these points in X, Y, Z positions. The resulting digital image can be drafted or modeled in CAD systems to create a model that can be reproduced or edited to the desired geometry. 3D scanning is very useful in reverse engineering where legacy parts produced prior to digital technology or parts with no CAD model can be created and used for documentation, modeling, 3D printing, production tooling, or quality inspection. Send us parts and we can scan them and return the parts with digital files in many native formats:
• AutoCad
• Autodesk Inventor
• ProE
• SolidWorks
• UG
• And others

Ordering 3D Scanning

1. Complete the contact form.

2. We will contact you to discuss your 3D Scanning needs and provide pricing.