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Overview: Machining is a subtractive process where we start with a solid block of material and remove material to leave a finished part. Machining allows for use of specific grades of plastics or metals that are not available for printing.

Materials Used & Part Characteristics: A wide range of polymers, metals and alloys.

Where used: Machining especially useful in evaluating mechanical performance in specific materials prior to finalizing part geometry and material specifications. Machining is suitable for prototyping and low volume production.

The Machine Process

Manufacturing Process: Starting from a solid form. The material is selectively removed typically using a CNC milling machine or lathe to yield the specified geometry. Machining dimensions are limited to the size and shape of cutters.

Finishing: Parts can be sanded, bead blasted, painted, printed, metal parts can be anodized.

Tolerances: +/- .001”, Tolerances for all processes are approximates as size, geometry, wall thickness, and material selection will impact manufacturing tolerances.